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Volleyball Training
Learning how to overhand serve a volleyball

Legacy Skills Fundamentals Classes

Now at 2 Locations!

Westchase Rec Center on Mondays

St. John's Episcopal Day School 
takes a break in the summer.
Classes will resume on Sundays in August

Sign up for our Summer Program instead!

                             These classes are MORE POPULAR THAN EVER! 
Legacy Skills Fundamentals Classes are fast, disciplined & informative.
All classes are taught by experienced club coaches who know the right way to
read, anticipate, move & play the game of volleyball.
Yes- we are Fundamental Fanatics!
We keep our classes positive, character-based & FUN! WE LOVE BEGINNERS!

There is No beginning & No ending to this program.
Classes run year-round, (at Westchase Rec Center) all summer long, every week.
Start at any time!

Register Today! There are a limited number of spaces available in each class.
4 Classes for $65
6 Classes for $95
Choose your dates, play, then repeat

* You must have registered and paid online ahead of time to participate.
*  There are NO make-up classes or refunds  UNLESS you let us know ahead of time that
your child cannot make it. We can re-schedule that class.
*  It is important you only attend the  dates that you signed up for.

Receive a free Legacy Volleyball Team T-shirt
Come start your "Legacy" with us!
Due to limited numbers of players in the gym at Westchase, 
NO PARENTS are allowed in the gym during the classes.

6:00 - 7:00 pm  Elementary ages 3rd - 5th grades

 7 :15 - 8:15 pm     Middle School ages 6th - 8th grades
* Note this class is for Middle School ages only

Westchase Rec Center gym 

9791 Westchase Drive just west of Westchase Elementary School Tampa 33626

South Tampa Summer Schedule:
The St. John's Episcopal School program on Sundays
will resume as normal in August.

 Register for your class below.