We wanted to let you know that thanks to all you guys and all the amazing instruction and love you gave to her, Cassie just made the Tarpon middle school volleyball team! Three days of tryouts with over 30 ( 6th, 7th and 8th graders) girls and only 12 were picked. If you start a club please let us know! She'll need go somewhere after the season.


I wanted to take the time to thank you for hosting a great program. Kaitlyn's participation in your classes has really brought about a sense of confidence and determination I have not seen before.  The character traits that she can build on for a lifetime.  Keep up the good work.

God Bless

From Westchase Rec Center:
​My daughter had a blast last night at her first class! Thanks so much for making her feel so welcome!

See you next Tuesday!
​Mrs. A. 

​Coach Vicky,
My daughter is absolutely loving volleyball!! 
Thank you!

Mrs. T. 

​Hi Coach,

Thank you so much for all you do. Delaney LOVES coming to D1 and playing volleyball!!

​Mrs. B.

Thank you! She had so much fun last night. She brought her volleyball outside this morning and was practicing before the bus came. Thank you for making it so positive!

Mrs. H.

Coach Vicky – Gracie is absolutely loving volleyball – thank you!  
Mrs. T.

​Issa had a blast! Thanks for your help and for making her feel so welcome! 
​See you next Tuesday!

​Mrs. A.


We tried the volleyball classes at Westchase Rec Center to see if my daughter would like it. She REALLY enjoyed it and quickly outgrew the Rec Center Program. (Coach Vicky coaches there too) Coach Vicky recommended she go to D1 for further training. My daughter continues to improve and loves volleyball. What a great, positive influence Coach Vicky is on all the girls she coaches! 

​Mrs. D.

GREAT Program! The Coaches are awesome! Coach Brynn wrote my daughter while she was at overnight camp. Thanks for inspiring her to work hard and treating her like Family! (:

​Mrs. C.

Many of our long-time Legacy Volleyball Athletes make their High School Teams. 

Mrs. Vicky

THANK YOU for the coaching and energy you showed our daughter. She did make the team. (JV for now) She believes her chances improved greatly as a result of your summer program. She is hoping to improve and play varsity. 

We hope our new team has the energy, love, attitude and passion for the game that you showed during your program. 

Thanks again!
Mr. M.

​​Just wanted to share with you Laney’s experience at the Florida Volleyball skills camp last week.  She arrived extremely nervous but departed with a collection of individual and team honors for her camp section.  She won Camper of the Day for her teams (she was moved after the first day) with two different coaches and was part of the winning team for her pool in both the 4v4 and 6v6 tournaments.   Her first coach said he was blown away by her skill level.  We credit you for that development and wish to express our gratitude for the excellent teaching.

What you are saying about Legacy Volleyball

The only year-round independent volleyball training program in the Tampa area. We are not a Club. We are not a Recreational League. Our practices include both Professional Strength & Conditioning Training in our elite facility, along with Team-Based competitive volleyball training. Our programs are usually 3 months long
which is one-half the length of a club volleyball season. Our players learn and train together in team-based practices which gives them a great feel for what competitive CLUB volleyball is all about. 
After the previous two Fall seasons, virtually 100% of every Legacy Volleyball athlete
​who tried out for a CLUB team... made it! 

Focused, Disciplined and Fun! 


Director Vicky Page

Legacy Volleyball

​of Tampa