Ages 1st – 4th grade and their parent(s).

Each player must be accompanied by their parent in order to participate in class

Seven (7) Week Session
April 8th – May 20th

Mondays 5:00 – 6:00 PM
at Westchase Rec Center
9791 Westchase Drive Tampa 33626

Cost:  $120

* $105 + $15 Administration Fee

** Each Player & Parent receives a Legacy VIP Academy T-Shirt

** Space is limited to just 14 players & their parent(s). Don't Wait! Sign up TODAY!

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*** NEW ***
Legacy V. I. P. Volleyball Academy

Volleyball Informed Parents

For ages 1st - 4th Graders
​and their parents

Over 1,200 young players have had their first real volleyball experience with Legacy Volleyball in Tampa.  We teach skills & fundamentals in a positive, fun, character-based environment. 
​           Start your LEGACY with us                          today!       

Legacy Volleyball

​of Tampa


Director Vicky Page

Next Session will be in the FALL! Stay Tuned...

​​Could Volleyball be thee sport for your child?

Join us as we start this new exciting program here in Tampa!

You will do the teaching & your child will do the learning
as you make new memories together. You both will learn
 how to correctly teach & perform the basic volleyball skills
​ in a fun & energetic volleyball environment.

Parents & Athletes will learn how to:

* Throw the “volleyball way” to learn how to Overhand Serve
* Toss a ball correctly to partners to learn how to Pass & Set the ball UP
* Spike & Jump Spike a ball using correct footwork & jump technique

Now you both get to play while learning together how to practice
​ & improve your child’s volleyball skills at home.