The 2018-19 Florida Region USAV online training clinics for Junior officiating teams is now live. 

The basics of the training program remain the same as last year, however there are a few improvements to bring to your attention for this season. 

There will no longer be an introduction course for each clinic. This caused confusion with the users. We will now have one course that will serve the same purpose but will only have to be completed one time, regardless of the number of clinics taken. It will also be shorter, only two slides, and will simply offer reference information if the user has questions. 

In addition, the Learning Activities screen in the USAV Academy has been updated and improved. It now includes a progress bar for each course so that users can easily identify courses that are not complete, and they can more easily identify when completion certificates are eligible to be printed. 

Information on the changes, as well as the registration instructions can be found at 

We recommend that all players, as well as any coaches or rostered adults who will be performing a duty as part of the officiating team during tournaments, take all four of the basic clinics. Each officiating team member must have completed training for the duty they perform at a tournament. ​

We encourage all clubs to publish this link to the training instructions to their members as soon as possible so that training can be completed in advance of the start of competition. 

If you experience any difficulties in completing the courses, the fastest way to get help is to fill out a help ticket at

Lead time for response is one business day or less. Many replies will be processed within 4 to 6 hours. 

Please note: This is a USAV National Course program and the region office does not have access to assist with issues that may arise during the course, they must be submitted to the help desk to be resolved. 

Thank you for making this training a priority for the athletes in your club.  Having well-trained officiating teams will make all of our events run smoother during the upcoming season.


The Florida Region Staff

Legacy Volleyball

​of Tampa


Director Vicky Page