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Where is the Bryan Glazer
Jewish Community Center

Legacy Summer Volleyball Camps

Check out some pictures of our June Volleyball Camp. Come join us in our
​July Camp!

Legacy Volleyball


Kids don't care how much
we know
​until they know how much
​we care

                   Summer Legacy Volleyball Camps

                             Two All-Day Camps Offered 
​                            June Camp -   June 12th – 16th
                            July Camp  -    July 10th – 14th

                      Monday – Friday  9:00 am – 4:00 pm

                                Grades: 3rd – 9th grades
​                                All Skill Levels Welcome!

​                                              Where?

        The NEW Jewish Community Center Bryan Glazer Campus
                    522 N. Howard Ave. Tampa, FL 33606
​                       Just two blocks south of I-275​         

Could Volleyball be the sport for you?
Come experience a fun week of basic volleyball skills,
footwork and fundamentals. Start with a pre-test &
end with a post-test to measure your skills improvement:
overhand serving, passing, spiking and setting.
Learn game scenarios and sportsmanship
as teams are created and playing positions are assigned.
Finish the week off by playing in a final team
volleyball tournament for your parents,
who are invited to come observe
the Character, Courage and Confidence it takes
​to play volleyball!

Cost: $250 for Members/ $300 for Non-Members

       To Register for the camp & Receive more information
                               about becoming a member 
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