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Program: Feb 20th - May 12th

For Who: Players with Intermediate Level team experience

Ages: 6th - 8th grades

Location: Carrollwood

Days & Times: Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm at
Northdale Rec Center

15550 Spring Pine Drive off of Northdale Blvd
Saturdays 9:30 - 11:30 am at
Bible Based Baptist Gym 4811 Erhlich Road

$395 if paid by 2/10
$425 if paid after

Twice/week for 13 weeks- 26 practices total

Club Prep Vertical Volleyball Program

  • Welcome to the Club Prep Vertical Volleyball Program
                                          Dress Code & Policies


    1. Arrival: Please arrive on time to class but NO earlier than 15 minutes prior to class.
    Pick-up: Please pick up promptly when class is over.

    2. What do I wear?
    If you have not done so, you will receive a Legacy Practice Team shirt at your first visit. Wear it proudly!

    • General rules: Please wear what you would wear to Gym class
    • If you are not wearing your Legacy shirt, please understand shirts must not be too tight, too short or too loose.
    • No tight cami’s with straps or strapless cami’s
    • No T-shirts with ripped open sides
    • No loose off-shoulder shirts where bra straps are showing
    • No tank tops
    • Wear Shorts or Spandex of Medium length & Maximum comfort. NO Jeans or short dresses
    • Volleyball Court Sneakers or Running Shoes with laces are required.
      PLEASE no "pretty shoes" like sparkly shoes, Converse or Topsiders or flip flops! Our coaches have the right to deny class participation if they feel that a player’s shoes are unsafe. Safety is our top priority.
    • Bring a water bottle with your name on it. Note the drinking fountains are inactive.
    •  Hair- Please wear your hair tied back if it is long or falls in your eyes. If we can't see your eyes, you can't see the ball. (:
    • Modesty and comfort is what is important. You are not attending class to impress or compete against anyone but YOURSELF. We want you to feel comfortable to move freely without embarrassment.
    • Parents are not allowed in the gym during class due to strict Covid safety measures. Sorry. You may stay outside the gym or on the playground.

    Players entering the gym will sign in first. Their temperature will be taken and hands disinfected. Please do not bring your volleyball from home. We clean all the balls before, during and after class. Facemasks are required to be worn when entering the gym. They are recommended but not required to be worn during class. Coaches will have facemasks on as much as possible throughout class.

    Legacy Volleyball has opened up volleyball practices for over 200 athletes successfully & safely since mid-June. We are not aware of one athlete who became exposed to the virus while attending a class or practice.  The most important thing is that the kids still can laugh and have fun playing volleyball with their friends while following safety protocols. This is the one constant that has not changed!

    Welcome back to a new era of Legacy Volleyball! We are excited to see everyone again!
    Vicky & David Page


Contact Vicky Page (813) 777-7028

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