A Liability Form must be completed if your child is attending our Beginner Skills Fundamentals Classes at Westchase Rec Center

Hillsborough County Liability Form

2020-2021 Club Volleyball Payments

Girls Club Volleyball Commitment Payment - $350

Boys Club Volleyball Commitment Payment- $350

Miscellaneous Payment $100

Miscellaneous Club Payment $150

Miscellaneous Club Payment $250

2020-2021 Boys & Girls Club Player Required Paperwork to Submit
ALL Legacy Club players must complete the following

Join or Renew USAV Membership (Required)
* You must affiliate your USAV membership with
"Legacy Volleyball- Tampa"

USAV Medical Release Form (Must be Notarized) 

Join or Renew 2019-2020 AAU Membership- Register NOW
"Legacy Volleyball Club of Tampa" AAU Code - WYA375
* You must affiliate your AAU membership with Legacy 

Legacy Volleyball Covid-19 Liability Waiver for Players

Fall Girls Mini-Club Payment- $350

Forms & Payment Center


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