A Liability Form must be completed if your child is attending our Beginner Skills Fundamentals Classes at Westchase Rec Center

Hillsborough County Liability Form

2020 Club Volleyball Payments

Final Girls Club Volleyball Payment - $350

Boys Club Volleyball Payment- $350

Miscellaneous Club Payment $50

Miscellaneous Club Payment $150

Miscellaneous Club Payment $250

2019-2020 Boys & Girls Club Player Required Paperwork to Submit
ALL Legacy Club players must complete the following

Join or Renew USAV Membership (Required)
* You must affiliate your USAV membership with
"Legacy Volleyball- Tampa"

USAV Medical Release Form (Must be Notarized) 

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"Legacy Volleyball Club of Tampa" AAU Code - WYA375
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Legacy Volleyball Covid-19 Liability Waiver for Players

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