Legacy Volleyball

​of Tampa


Director Vicky Page

Level 3- I want to play competitive MINI-CLUB Volleyball in the Fall & Regional AAU Club Volleyball during Club Season.

TOTAL TRAINING to teach an athlete How To Compete with Confidence, Courage and Integrity. Some Experience Required. Summer Club PREP Team program leads to our Fall Mini-Club Season, which then leads to the actual Club Volleyball season in Winter & Spring.

For experienced Elementary & Middle School players who want to Work, Train & Play together on a team.  This program involves twice per week team practices + attending 3-4 Local Volleyball Tournaments. ​ Our athletes gain club-like experience by Training together, Playing together & learning how to Trust & Depend upon each other throughout a typical volleyball season. What an awesome Journey it can be for these young athletes!

​Legacy Volleyball blends our lesson plans with character-based life-skills that emphasizes ​personal growth through Character, Courage and Confidence.  ​ ​

 Level 1- Could Volleyball be the sport for me? I want to take volleyball classes to learn how to play.

​TECHNICAL TRAINING that emphasizes Attitude, Effort , Character & Fundamentals

Separate Classes for Elementary Players ages 3rd - 5th Graders, & Middle School Players
ages 6th - 8th Graders
Our Ongoing Beginners Classes are held on TUESDAYS at the Westchase Rec Center. You may begin at any time!
6:00-7:00pm- Elementary Ages
3rd - 5th Grades

7:00-8:00pm- Middle School Ages
6th - 8th Grades
​Walk-Ins are the norm- no session fee or program fee. You simply pay as you play. Skills and Fundamentals are the basis for these classes
​Youth Summer Volleyball Camps at the Jackson Springs Rec Center are also offered .


Level 2- I love volleyball and want to learn how to play competitively on a team.

TACTICAL TRAINING of the Fundamentals to teach Faith, Trust & the Teamwork of the Game.

For All Skill Levels- Middle School & High School Players ​Our popular, signature volleyball program places you in one of two:
 Vertical Volleyball 2X at Northdale Rec Center or Jackson Springs Rec Center.
20 Practices twice per week
Vertical Volleyball 3X = 30 - 3 - 10
at D1 Sports Facility

30 Practices three times per week for
10 weeks
Over 1000 girls have enrolled in these classes since we began four years ago.
Each Practice at D1 Sports Training involves 2-Parts:
1. Professional Strength & Conditioning Training in our elite D1 Training Facility, which is ​owned by Pro Athletes such as Derrick Brooks & Tim Tebow.
​2. Team-Based competitive volleyball training with our Experienced volleyball coaches. Each session​includes 3 Intra-Club Tournaments at D1 Sports.

Other Walk-In Classes:

Skills Academy + Team Games 

 Classes are every MONDAY night at the Westchase Rec Center
6:00-7:00pm- Skills Academy
7:00-8:00pm- Team Games

Cost is just $10 per hour + a one-time Admin fee of $15. Stay for Team Games and cost is additional $5. $15.00 total for 2 hours. Receive a Free Legacy Volleyball Spirit Shirt

For intermediate to experienced players ages 5th grade - 12th grade.
This is not for Beginners. You want to work on specific volleyball skills, with an emphasis on Serving and Spiking. 

Classes are affordable & flexible. Simply walk-in and pay at the door!
Continues all Spring & Summer long. 

Players don't Care how much you Know until they Know how much you Care

Our 3 lega-c's



Legacy Volleyball​ Classes
in Tampa, Florida

Which Level are you?


                                          Our History      

 We began in January of 2012 when D1 Sports Training opened its doors. And now we will celebrate our 
4 year Anniversary!
In the past 4 years we have had over 1000 Players
 register for one or more of our classes and have had
over 45,000 Hits ​on our website!
Our classes are now offered in 3-4 locations

TS3TM Volleyball Training classes involves training the THREE S's: Strength, Speed and Skills
​Volleyball Skills Training 

takes place on our turf field.
We also utilize specific volleyball training equipment such as The Spiker. We may also use our IPad to film each athlete performing correct footwork and a volleyball skill, the most requested being Spiking and Serving. Players receive immediate feedback by seeing what they look like while being evaluated by our experienced coaches. Players love to see themselves in slow motion!
​Then they go back and do it again and again.
​Speed Training
focuses on actual competitive Club Volleyball. We work on Transitional movement, Positional Responsibilities, Offensive and Defensive 6-2 game scenarios and Free-Ball Transition games. This whole-game approach will refine the athletes' Read and Reaction skills needed to anticipate ball trajectory and evaluate opposing player body language. We also play volleyball games in small groups to provide a maximum number of ball touches. 

Strength Training

by a professional D1 Strength Trainer Our state of the art training facility at D1 Sports Training includes a 60 yard indoor turf football field and expansive weight room- including speed, power and agility training equipment- designed to deliver the same experience and results that top Collegiate and Professional athletes receive in elite athletic facilities. 
Most importantly our program has filled long time void
in Hillsborough County Elementary
​& Middle School Volleyball Programs.       Fast! Focused! and Fun! Come join us today!  You'll be surprised at how many people you will know!

 "Volleyball is all about Faith in yourself, 
 Trust in your Teammates and
the ability to go out of your Comfort Zone, 
​make 1000 mistakes,
& know that your teammates  
​will Love and Support You no matter what."
NO Embarrassment and NO Fear Allowed!
​We learn to laugh AT ourselves & WITH each other
rather than AT each other!

​Coach Vicky Page