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Legacy 2021-2022 Girls Club Teams


2022 Club Team Tryout Dates
Do you want the peace of knowing what team & what coach you will be playing for?
Let's do this now...

Tryouts were in July. Please contact
David Page if you are interested in setting up a Tryout for one of our 2022 Club teams.
One-time Tryout Fee - $30

2021-2022 Legacy Club Volleyball Season


November 2021 - @May 2022
Two coaches per team

Head Coach & Assistant Coach
Nationals Level Teams- 3 times per week

Florida Teams- 2 times per week
All practices include in-season Vertical Volleyball-Strength & Conditioning training throughout the tournament season.


Our Legacy College Recruiting Program is headed up by Coach Jules Colina.

This upcoming 2022 season, Legacy Club Teams will participate in 6-8 USAV Tournaments including Qualifiers at the Tampa Convention Center as well as Orlando, Miami & Daytona Beach. 


National Level Teams will travel out of state for a minimum of one tournament. 

Florida Teams will attend tournaments throughout the Florida Region.

Refund Policy after Tryouts during Pre-Season

Mini Club and Club deposits and payments are non-refundable.  If a player/parent requests a refund and desires to leave the team after committing to the club, Legacy Volleyball will make a reasonable effort to replace the player with a new player.  The amount of refund will be determined on a case by case basis.

Transfer Policy during the Club Season

The USAV Florida Region Policy states,
in part, the following:

Transfer policy: There are no transfers allowed in the Florida Region without extenuating circumstances. A player can represent only one club during the Season...


Any outstanding financial obligations between the family and the club must be resolved between the related parties.  All personal business/legal commitments made between the club and the family will remain the responsibility of the related parties.

Legacy Volleyball of Tampa Gold Seal 20

Why is Legacy Volleyball the right club for me?

You asked for it... You GOT IT! 

Legacy Volleyball expanded from the Mid-Tampa area to SOUTH TAMPA & HYDE PARK. This season we are hoping to add the RUSKIN & APOLLO BEACH area to our club.
This past season Legacy became one of the larger clubs in our area, hosting 8 Girls teams and 2 Boys teams.  Our full-scale volleyball club offers year-round Indoor Training Programs for Boys & Girls starting in 1st grade.  Award-winning Optimum Beach Volleyball partners with Legacy Volleyball to run our outdoor Beach Training program & enters teams of all ages in competitive USAV Beach Tournaments.

In addition to our current qualified coaching staff, new experienced coaches are still being hired for each age group. Each Team has two coaches training them. We hire past & current professional volleyball players & experienced college & club-level coaches. You WILL get the club-team training you deserve!

And Legacy is well known for high quality volleyball instruction for the youngest players. Our 2019, 2020 and 2021 U11 Club Teams continue to be one of the top-ranked teams in the Tampa / St. Pete / Clearwater area! 


In the last 10 years over 2,000 players have had their first real volleyball experience with Legacy.  We teach fundamental skills and how to play competitive club volleyball to the youngest players the right way - every day - in a positive, character-based environment. Legacy Volleyball is the quality, character-based club you are looking for! 


Where does Legacy hold practices? 
Legacy offers programs in 6 locations - Westchase, Town N Country, Citrus Park & Carollwood.
South Tampa/ Hyde Park area is our largest growing area. All practices are held at St. John's Episcopal Day School.
Our newest location is now the Ruskin/ Apollo Beach area! Practices are at the Ruskin Community Center.

Start - or continue - your LEGACY with us! 

Gold Seal 2022 - Legacy of Tampa.jpg

2020-2021 Tournament Results

Dec 12 - 13th
Holiday Classic in Clearwater

1st Place in Gold
U12 Victor
U15 Jules
U16 Delaney

2nd Place in Gold
U11 Vicky
U13 Linda
3rd Place
U13 Jenna

Feb 27-28
Molten Pre-Q Tournament

U12 Victor 3rd in Silver

U13 Jenna 9th in Gold

U14 Frankie 2nd in Bronze

U15 Jules 1st in Silver

U16 Delaney 1st in Silver

April 24-25
Battle of the Bay Tournament

U13 Jenna 1st in Silver

U14 Frankie 6th in Gold
U15 Jules 3rd in Gold

U16 Delaney 1st in Silver

Jan 9th-10th

Florida Winter Volleyball Festival in Daytona
U12 Victor- 3rd in Gold
U13 Jenna- 9th in Gold
U14 Frankie- 4th in Silver
U15 Jules- 5th in Gold

U16 Delaney- 2nd in Bronze

BOYS U14 John- 6th in Gold

Jan 9th - 10th

New Years Classic

U11 Vicky- 1st in Silver
U13 Linda- 1st in Bronze

U14 Miranda- 7th in Bronze

March 6-7
Spring Classic St. Pete

U11 Vicky 3rd in Gold

U13 Linda 2nd in Silver

U14 Miranda 2nd in Silver

Feb 13 - 14th

Gasparilla Classic Tampa

U11 Vicky 2nd in Silver

U12 Victor 1st in Bronze

U13 Jenna 4th Flight 1

U14 Miranda 1st Flight 1

U14 Frankie 5th Flight 1

U15 Jules 3rd in Silver

U16 Delaney 3rd in Bronze

March 27-28
Tampa Slam Tournament

U11 Vicky 1st in Silver

U12 Victor 9th in Gold

U13 Jenna 5th in Gold

U13 Linda 3rd in Silver

U14 Frankie 1st in Bronze

U14 Miranda 3rd in Bronze

U15 Jules 9th in Gold

U16 Delaney 9th in Gold