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Steven Elizee

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About Coach Steven

Coach Steven's coaching philosophy is, success happens not by me but from the players attitude, performance, and passion. Stay discipline mentally and physically, & keep pushing forward. 



 In 5 years, Coach Steven sees himself coaching collegiately in Ohio Region. It would be a huge blessing to promote or start a Men’s Volleyball Program at Cedarville University where’d I played. 



The most important to Coach Steven is when coaching is the relationship between players and the coach. Volleyball isn’t just a simple game we play to win, it’s more of a team oriented and character development process. We play as ONE and we win as ONE. His main passion is to overall teach the sport of volleyball and encourage more zealous for this sport so it can continue to grow in the long run. 


Coach Steven's definition of success is, to learn; grow; anticipate and overall persevere through challenges which likely allow one individual to successfully achieve their goal. In order to sacrifice for this success is commitment and time management. Work hard and continue to work hard to get to where you want to be. 


​Why Legacy Volleyball Club? 
I never really had a chance to apply for any coaching club, but I really fell in love with coaching. I’m also a high school coach at Grace Christian School of Pasco and I really hate having to stop coaching when my season’s over. I fell in love with Legacy because I really do believe what they stand for. 

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