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Megan Thornhill


About Coach Megan

Coach Megan is from London, England. She moved to the US when she was eight years old! She lived in Loudoun County Virginia once she moved to America. 

Coach Megan graduated from Virginia Tech in 2021 with a

Communications and Business Management Degree. After graduation she moved to Tampa, FL to work for Pepsi!

Coach Megan played 2 years on my JV high school team at John Champe and then 2 years of Varsity. She started as a Defensive Specialist and then moved into the Libero position once she started her freshman year. She started playing Travel/Club volleyball in 8th grade all the way through 11 th grade. She played for No Panic Volleyball as a DS/Libero.

She started coaching middle school volleyball when she was a sophomore in high school. She also coached a rec league in Blacksburg, VA while at college.

Coach Megan's coaching philosophy is you play how you practice. It is so important to always practice with intention so you can work towards progress with every rep.

Coach Megan loves going to the beach, walking Bayshore,

reading, and playing volleyball!

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