Legacy Volleyball

​of Tampa


Director Vicky Page

Legacy Volleyball Privacy Policy

Legacy Volleyball, LLC does not share or disclose the Private Information of our customers ​to outside Third Parties.

Legacy Volleyball Travel Policy

All players will provide their own travel to and from tournaments and practices. All travel expenses including meals, gas and hotels will be paid for by the player and not Legacy Volleyball. 

Legacy Volleyball Club Team Refund Policy

Legacy Club Team Athletes and Parents: Legacy Volleyball does not offer any refunds for club volleyball athletes since the loss of an athlete cannot be easily replaced once all club athletes have committed to their teams. Therefore, Legacy Volleyball defines the start of the season as the team’s first practice and not the team’s first tournament.

However, should an athlete become injured and not be available to continue her season, Legacy Volleyball will not pursue the remainder of any amounts due. Still, any request for waiving of fees due to injury must be made in writing to:

Vicky Page

Legacy Volleyball Grievance Procedure

Competition in sports can, at times, become stressful.  Parents, players, and coaches deal with perceptions in many different ways.  To maintain harmony, within the team and the Club, and prevent any dispute from becoming a detriment, it is our policy that the grievance procedure outlined below is followed.  By doing so, it will provide an opportunity for a positive resolution to resolve disputes that may arise.

The 24 Hour Rule:
Step 1: Athlete speaks with Coach 24 hours or more about a conflict. They both set up a timeline as to how long it will take to find a solution.  

Step  2: Athlete, Parents, and Coach determine to meet and speak respectfully about the conflict and the solution. The group should come to an agreement.

Step  3: Parents, Coach, Club Director meet after a designated amount of time to determine if there is another option to come to an agreement.

If at any time a parent has a legitimate concern about the behavior of any coach, a parent or other athlete, they should seek help from the Club director or another officer of the Club.  We are determined to make this club season experience a positive one for parents, athletes, and coaches alike.