Director Vicky Page

Legacy Volleyball

​of Tampa

Level 2

Club Prep Training Program

Dates: Every Saturday February 17th - May 19th                                          (13 Practices)
​            No practice Easter Weekend

Time: 9:00 - 11:00 am

Who:   Intermediate - Level players 5th - 8th                                   grades who have a basic understanding of                          volleyball skills as well as the desire to                                  compete on a future club or school team

​Where: SLAM  Charter School- Sports Leadership &                     Management of Tampa
​             7116 Gunn Highway next to Citrus Park Mall.

Cost:    $375

​          A Wait List has begun. We are now full!

​Please email Coach Vicky at to add your name to the list

​Thank you to all who signed up so quickly!

Now that you have learned the basic skills of volleyball, you are ready for the next level.
PREP-ARE you to play on a school or competitive volleyball team. This popular program focuses on teaching you the entire game of indoor volleyball. We emphasize skills development, positions, rotations, game scenarios, tactics and team play
​all in a game-like setting.
​Each practice will end with team games.

Refine your ball-handling skills: Overhand Serving, Spiking, Passing and Setting.

SLAM Charter School of Tampa
​7116 Gunn Highway 
​next to Citrus Park Mall