2018-2019 Legacy Club Volleyball Team Program​​​​



The goal of Legacy Volleyball Club Program is to create a tournament
schedule comprised of highly competitive club volleyball 
​ tournaments while minimizing overall club costs,
travel time and multiple
 weekend commitments.

Our club teams are for ages 9 - 14 years old
U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14.
Next year's 2020 season we plan to include 
U15 high school teams as well. 
Legacy Volleyball in Tampa is well known for high quality volleyball instruction
for the newest players. Over 1,200 players have had their first real volleyball experience with Legacy.  We teach fundamental skills and how to play
competitive club volleyball to the youngest players
the right way- every day- in a positive character-based environment. 
                    Start your LEGACY with us today!                        

This season Legacy Club Teams will participate in multiple 2-Day USAV Qualifiers
at the Tampa Convention Center and the Orlando Convention Center
plus 1-Day USAV & AAU Regional Tournaments.
We offer a unique hybrid schedule that works well for families who are
trying to balance multiple sports schedules with multiple athletes. 

                      Middle School Teams                     Elementary Age Teams

                        U12, U13 and U14's                                     U11's
                You must not be older than               3rd, 4th & 5th graders
                    13 on August 31st, 2018

             6 USAV Tampa Tournaments                5 USAV Tampa Tournaments

             1 USAV Orlando Tournament               1 one-day Regional Tournaments                     

Price:  $1,800                                         Price:  $1,250       

            Season: Nov. 10th – April/May               Season: Nov. 10th – April/May


2018-2019 LEGACY


Director Vicky Page


$300 Payment

Legacy Volleyball

​of Tampa


$250 Payment